Color Your Kingdom: A Song of Flora and Fauna

Color Your Kingdom: A Song of Flora and Fauna is a collection of hand-drawn illustrations inspired by some of my favorite plants and animals. I created twenty-three coloring pages of intricate line drawings of fauna, flora, and ornate frames. I’m a huge fan of the book and television series Game of Thrones, so the work is inspired by themes in the novels. Many of the combinations are symbolic of strength, beauty, honor, and courage. 


Available For Purchase On Amazon

Printed on demand through CreateSpace and available on Amazon for $6.99 (+ taxes and shipping). 
• Image Size: Approx. 7" x 9"
• Interior Paper Quality: 60lb White
• Offset printing
• Dry media like colored pencils and crayons recommended
• Perfect bound
• I don't handle the printing or fulfillment of these orders, any customer service will be in the hands of Amazon


Digital Edition Available

This listing is for the digital file of the full coloring book. Physical book will NOT be shipped.

The file included is the entire book in PDF version.

I recommend printing on different types of paper to accommodate the materials you use. Lightweight papers will hold dry materials like colored pencil and crayon, or heavier cardstock for ink and some paints.

Pages are all 8.5" x 11"